A Message from Pastor Robbins

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Join us for Worship, Bible Teaching, Singing, & Christian Fellowship!

A House Church not unlike the New Testament Model for the Local Church

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

We trust that you will find some helpful information regarding SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH as well as the great Truth revealed in God's Word.

As we move toward the distribution of God's Word through online sermons, we must emphasize that, while we seek to "sow the Seed" by all means in order to reach the far corners of the world -- those who would likely never have the opportunity to gather physically with us in assembly for worship and Bible study --  this outreach is in no way intended to replace the local church in your area.

We would invite you to join us for worship, or to visit us regularly on this website.

In a country which largely considers itself “Christian” without any regard for the Word of God or for historic doctrines of "the faith" -- redefining the very attributes of God, reinterpreting and denying His revealed Scriptures, and mingling humanism and modernism with a religious flavor to create an ecumenicalism with a "faith" of the least common denominator -- we seek to obey the call of Christ to separate ourselves from man-centered religion and strive for submission and obedience to Christ in a "Lordship church" where He is indeed the Head of His Church.

We believe that it is the duty and privilege of each member of the local church, both individually and collectively, to worship God, study His Word, sing His praises, strive for holiness in obedience to His commandments, and to share the glorious Gospel   message to a lost and dying world. 

Join us if you live in the greater Williamsport area and are seeking a local church committed to worship and obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Visit us if you are traveling through or vacationing in Lycoming County.  Refer a relative or friend who may be in this locality.  Listen online or download sermons (when available) if you are unable to attend a local church in your area or if you desire to supplement your study of God's Word.

We would love to hear from you!

In Christ's service,

          William P. Robbins, Pastor

Worshipping the God of the Bible

Pastor William P. Robbins

Affirming Historical biblical Truths -- Not mere human traditions

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